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only "35% of employees are engaged at their job"

– Gallup

Staffing refers to the process of finding, selecting, and training qualified personnel to fill positions in an organization. Companies hire staff agencies especially when the team must grow quickly or when the right person is hard to find. In the United States alone, staffing accounts for $153.5 billion in revenues, providing opportunities for about 15 million employees per year.

– A brief introduction to staffing

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We envision a world fully employed on a livable wage. 

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Increases in wage should exceed inflation, not lag behind it.

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How Hiring Managers Maximize Talent

Identify at-risk employees and positions

Cross-train employees

Develop a skills database

Pair junior and senior employees

Hire more referrals

Outsource low performance positions

Cross-train employees

Performance based compensation

Imagine interviewing 30 top-tier candidates before deciding who to hire.


Make staffing work for you

If you hire your unemployed friend, the joke's on you because you'll have a full supply of laughs but friendships blossom where productivity flounders.

Staffing your team is high-stakes. 

Whether you're a small business hiring a temporary helper or a large enterprise hiring an executive, learn to love staffing!

We help staff new teams with executives and engineers. Did you know call centers, nursing homes, and blue-collar workers are hiring as fast as technology companies?

Imagine the luxury of choosing from 30 top-tier candidates in your sector. 

Replace a reliable expert or fill a new position.

Staffing.how is a Software-As-A-Service platform that helps recruiters, businesses, and hiring managers identify and connect with talent in the job market, regardless of whether ideal candidates are actively looking. 

We understand the hassles faced during the hiring process and we are here to train you and empower you with tools to ensure those hiring blues are over.Just imagine a situation if you have the luxury of choosing from 30 top tier candidates in your sector. You can rest assured about replacing an expert or hiring a newcomer. The worries about hiring the best candidate for your business’s productivity would be gone for good.

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About Us

Staffing.how is a platform that helps recruiters, businesses, and recruitment managers to identify and connect with the available talent in the job market. We understand the hassles faced during the hiring process and we are here to train you to ensure that the hiring blues are over.

A hiring mistake could be costly. Not only your organization’s productivity and efficiency goes down; it is the looks that everyone would give you each time the person you hired makes a mess really bothers you in the end!

On a serious note, there are hardly any other services that have the experience of assisting people for staffing different organizations from retail chains to a large IT company. We just don’t provide references for applicants. We shortlist and come up with the most desirable people (as per your industry’s benchmarks) to ensure that you are able to select the best one as per your requirements. We train you and make you ready for staffing-related issues.

They say marriages are made in heaven. We have no say in that. But yes, recruitment and selection could be very well planned here on planet earth. Whom to contact? You know it already. Staffing.how is your one-stop destination to provide all necessary support, training and crash courses to finalise your hiring processes.


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